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  • What is the difference between deoxidizer and desiccant?
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    The specific differences between deoxidizers and desiccants are as follows:

    1. Different uses

    Desiccant is used to remove moisture from moist substances; deoxidizer is used to absorb oxygen and slow down the oxidation of food.

    2. The principle of action is different

    Desiccants are often divided into two categories: chemical desiccants, such as calcium sulfate and calcium chloride, which combine with water to form hydrates for drying and chemical reactions; physical desiccants, such as silica gel and activated alumina, which absorb water through physical adsorption Drying is a physical reaction;

    Deoxidizers are a group of chemical mixtures that are easy to react with free oxygen or dissolved oxygen. They inhibit oxidation reactions and are chemical reactions.

    3. Different scope of use

    Desiccant can be used in medicine and health products, biological reagents, and food industry as a special desiccant;

    Deoxidizers are only used for deoxygenation and preservation of food.

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