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Silica gel desiccant

Silica gel desiccant specialty: 
silica gel is a porous kind of silicon dioxide. The chemical formula is. It contains lots of small pores and the specific surface is 800 square meters per gram so that it can absorb water readily. Silica gel has an advantage of quick absorption speed and it has no shape changing. In additional, silica gel is transparent (except some color changing silica gel) globular particle which is no-color, non-toxic, non-smell and non-corrode. Our silica gel desiccant meets requirement of JIS-0701 standard. As a result, silica gel desiccant is the most popular and traditional product used to keep dry.

Details of silica gel:
Size: 4.0~8.0mm 2.0~5.6mm 1.0~3.0mm
Qualified particle: ≥99.8% 
Bulk density: ≥770g/L, min 
Absorption capacity: relative humidity RH20≥11% 
relative humidity RH40≥21% 
relative humidity RH80≥30% 
Loss after drying at 150℃: ≤1.8%


Packet suggestion:
  • 1.OPP packet
  • 2. Composite paper
  • 3. Filter paper
  • 4. Non-woven paper
  • 5.  Composite non-woven paper
  • 6. Peritoneal non-woven
  • 5.  Japanese Anilox paper
  • 6. DuPont paper

Silica gel desiccant can be widely used in precise instrument, electron component, puffed food, snacks, luggage, shoes, clothes, grain seeds and so on.




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