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Active Clay Desiccant

Active Clay desiccant specialty: 
Active clay desiccant is mainly take pure mineral and moisture absorption stuff as raw material which is non-toxic, non-smell. Active clay desiccant is a completely degradable environmentally friendly desiccant and it has fantastic absorption, strong absorption of moisture humidity, static dehumidification, odor removal. And what's more, it is also environment-friendly. It has high absorption with quick absorption speed in indoor temperature environment. It boasts the function of sorption activity, static damp absorption and can also wiping off peculiar smell, etc. Comparing with other desiccant, active clay desiccant has highest absorption speed and enhanced absorption ability.

Details of Active Clay:
Chemical formula: Al2O3.4SiO2.nH2O (with 8% CaCl2)
Size: 1.0~2.0mm 2.0~4.0mm 3.0~5.0mm
Qualified particle: ≥96.7% 
Bulk density: ≥820g/L, min
Moisture content: less than 2% 
Absorption capacity: relative humidity RH20≥14% 
          relative humidity RH40≥25% 
          relative humidity RH80≥35% 


Packet suggestion:
Non-woven paper, composite Non-woven paper, peritoneal non-woven, Japanese Anilox paper, DuPont paper.

Silica gel desiccant can be widely used in electron component, sophisticated electronic equipment, Hardware, luggage, shoes, clothes, grain seeds and so on.




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