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Smectite Desiccant

Smectite desiccant specialty: 
Smectite desiccant are all made from natural smectite as raw material which is environment-friendly without any poison and smell. It has superior effect especial at room temperature and in average humidity. Smectite desiccant has the function of active particle absorption, static dehumidification and odor elimination. In addition, the low price and absorption speed of smectite desiccant is the most favorite reason why customs world like to choose it. Compared to other kinds of dry desiccant sold in market, it features quick absorption speed and strong absorption capacity without toxicity, smell, erosion or environment pollution, without any harm to people. It is particularly suitable for food packing.

Details of Smectite desiccant :
Chemical formula: Al2O3.4SiO2.nH2O
Size: 0.5~4.0mm 1.0~3.0mm 1.0~4.0mm 2.0~4.0mm
Qualified particle: ≥97.1%
Bulk density: ≥950g/L, min
Moisture content: less than 1% 
Absorption capacity: relative humidity RH20≥15% 
          relative humidity RH40≥20% 
          relative humidity RH80≥27%


Packet suggestion:
Non-woven paper, composite Non-woven paper, peritoneal non-woven, Japanese Anilox paper, DuPont paper.

Smectite desiccant is widely used for sealed storage of products in dry air that cannot be sealed by oil or gas, such as optical equipment electronic products, medical products, health care products food packing, military products and civil products.

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